Personal Coaching

Our highly experienced coaches can be booked for individual or small group sessions working on skills that you wish to develop.

Additionally we run programmes that help to introduce paddlers to a new environment allowing us to focus in and coach specific skills for improvement.

Introduction to Paddlesports

Got yourself all the gear, but struggling for the idea? We’ve got a plan for that. Book into one of our introduction to paddlesports sessions in various locations across the UK.

We will meet online, discuss your needs and then create a personalised coaching plan to get you to be where you want to be.

For details or to discuss your needs, get in touch.

Developing Paddling Skills

Looking to advance your skills? Our coaching programmes can help make you more confident in the water and more competent as the environment gets harder. We don’t teach you gimmicks; we engage you in a long term process of learning and development that helps those skills stay and only get better.

We have a personal discussion on line to discuss the craft and environment you prefer, create a training profile and evolve that plan over several weeks to improve your skills.

Contact us to discuss what you need.

Holme Pier Point Coaching

Want to master the concrete beast? We’ve got you covered.

Book in for a couple of hours at HPP with our coaches. We start with a Zoom meeting to discuss your skills and set a training action plan.

We then arrange to meet at HPP during public sessions and work on your action plan. Our coaches like to book in several coaching sessions either in one day or over several weeks. This allows us to build a clear progression and allow you to practice and master the skills we have identified on your action plan.

Currently unavailable due to High Water

Lee Valley Coaching

The glory of the Olympics in one place! Lee Valley truly has it all!

Book in for a couple of hours of coaching with out coaches aiming to improve your skills on your chosen course, feature of skill.

We design a tailored training programme for you to help you meet your desired outcome. We lead a series of sessions to enable you to improve your skills and build a clear progressions; whether that be getting onto real rivers or progressing to harder water.

Currently Unavailable due to Covid-19

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