Norwegian White Water 2021

Norway offers world-class whitewater for all levels of difficulty – it is growing to be considered a Nirvana for kayakers of all white water skills. Imposing and impressive mountain range drain into rivers that are geologically young, but no less exciting. The perfect combination for exciting white water adventures.

From massive playruns to technically steep creeks, Norway has it all! Fast flows squeezed between the Norwegian bedrock makes rivers which are clean, varied and exciting. Nearby roads make for excellent river access allowing the ideal adventure in any location.

In summer, nights are short so we make full use of the long days, paddling for longer and enjoying the beauty of Norway.

Our tours in this wonderful Scandinavian Kingdom are planned on two levels of difficulty. One group will be on rivers at Grade 3 and 4 challenging skills and learning some new tricks while the other group will be pushing the envelope on Grade 4 and 5 rivers – there is something for every paddler!

What skills should I have?

Norway offers the perfect playground for those looking to really master the step up from WW 3 to WW 4. The decent coupled with the larger water flow make Norway a unique proving ground for the aspirant advanced kayaker.

If you are keen to push hard and your roll is secure and you fee as if you have mastered grade three, you will feel comfortable Norwegian Grade 4 in no time with a smile on your face. 

We will teach you all the techniques for navigating larger white water while including the essentials of safety and rescue. On our Intermediate group you will quickly learn the skills to hop, skip and boof exciting grade 4 in no time.

Our Advanced group however is aimed at paddlers looking to get onto bigger water and bigger drops at Grade 5. The pathway of the group depends heavily on the participants – we will specifically address your strengths and weaknesses to get the best out of your time on the water.

What’s included?

Our trips include 6 days of kayaking. There is no set “rest day” as we want to kayak the rivers as much as possible. We meet in Voss for the first river tour and at Sjoa river near Otta for our second river tour. After two/three days of warm-up on the local rivers, we then start our tour. We will follow the water conditions and decide where to go from day to day. Typically, we’ll stay in one place for two nights and then move on. 

Depending on the weather and participants, we will either camp on campsites or we will choose spots to wild camp. Norway has such open countryside, we can select from a variety of beautiful wilderness campsites on most of the rivers. In recent years, clients have preferred these wild sites to official campsites.

You can travel to Norway by car, train or airplane. Flights are usually best and you can fly from London to Oslo are available on most airlines. If you wish to coordinate travel with others coming from the UK we can help you do this. Kayaks and equipment is available, however you are welcome to bring your own at your own cost.

Grade 4/5+Invite only26.06.21 – 03.07.21£TBCContact us
Grade 4
4 spaces03.07.21 – 10.07.21£750Book Now
Grade 3+
6 spaces 10.07.21 – 17.07.21£750Book Now

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