Leadership Award Assessment

The new British Canoeing Leadership assessment allows more freedom for the candidate to demonstrate their skills on their own turf

The new methodology works with you the candidate to create the best circumstances for assessment. We try our level best to give you the best opportunity to pass first time.

Assessment Booking Enquiry

Fill in the details below and we will come back to you to discuss how we can facilitate your assessment.

Preferred dates for Assessment

The new changes mean:
Assessments happen in one day
This means less pressure on your the candidate and less demand on the clients you lead during the assessment.

Assessments are conducted in smaller groups
This gives more focus on you the candidate and gives more opportunity of feedback and development.

Assessors come to your session
You suggest the venue, provide the clients and sort out shuttles. We come along and assess the day.

No Assessment prerequisites
Present for assessment when you feel you are ready – we always suggest the leadership training is a good bedrock, however it is no longer a prerequisite to assessment.

What assessments we offer

At present we are offering the following assessments.

  • Paddlesports Leader
  • Paddlesports Touring Leader
  • Canoe Leader (Open Water)
  • Canoe Leader (White Water)
  • White Water Leader
  • Sea Kayak Leader

If you don’t see the one you want on the list, let us know as we may be able to provide it for you

Structure of the Assessment

The process usually begins with a 1 to 1 phone call or zoom chat to establish what stage you are at in your preparation for assessment and to run though our “pre assessment check in” to ensure everything is ready. Then we advise you on the type of paddlers you need to recruit to lead on your assessment – we can help with this if needed.

We then ask you to send us your log book so we can ensure you have met the prerequisite standards before assessment – we also then check your CPD and BC membership status.

Before the assessment we organise a Zoom chat between all candidates and the assessor. Here we get the opportunity to discuss the finer points of the assessment as well as network with other candidates to arrange the best place and time for the assessment.

We then arrange a zoom meeting with the led paddlers and yourself – we aim to see you profile the group and assess their needs.

Finally we turn up to your trip and perform an assessment during the natural flow of the trip. The only extra assessment you may to perform will be rescue techniques if they have not naturally occurred during the assessment.