Climbing is a really rewarding sport, both indoors and Outdoors. Our instructors offer a wide range of climbing courses to help you get into the words newest olympic sport.

Check out the instructional courses we are running below and if you are not sure what suits, feel free to contact us about opportunities for small group sessions.

Introduction to Indoor Climbing

Have you been climbing the walls during lockdown? Fancy learning something new?
We are running our 4 hour Introduction to climbing course at various climbing venues in the UK.

Over a 4 hour session you will learn the basic skills needed to get into climbing on indoor climbing walls allowing you to start to feel comfortable with the basics needed to climb with others indoors.

This course is a great first step in getting into an amazing sport.

Course DateLocationCostBooking
Wednesday 6th December XC, Hemel Hempstead £70Book Now
Sunday 20th DecemberCastle Climbing Wall, London£70Book Now
Wednesday 6th JanuaryXC, Hemel Hempstead£70Book Now
Sunday 24th JanuaryCastle Climbing Wall, London£70Book Now
Wednesday 27th JanuaryXC, Hemel Hempstead£70Book Now
Wednesday 10th February XC, Hemel Hempstead£70Book Now
Sunday 21st FebruaryCastle Climbing Wall, London£70Book Now

Better Belaying Course

Started your journey into indoor climbing? Looking to grow your knowledge of belaying?

In this 4 hour session we teach you how to use a variety of devices, anchors and take and manage falls in a variety of ways. Our aim: to make you a great at belaying anyone, with any device.

Course DateLocationCostBooking
Monday 7th DecemberXC, Hemel Hempstead£60Book Now